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do you tend of the two thousand nine hundred fifty four world cup has been action packed it's been goals galore and with a late twist or in the evenings final game in sochi our special coverage coming up has all the highlights and also from a thrilling saturday. and other news the second anniversary of the u.k.'s brock's at referendum sees tens of thousands march on parliament demanding a vote on any exit deal with the e.u. . and an emotionally charged image on the latest time magazine cover as a damning indictment of trumps immigration policy is discovered to be misleading.
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wherever you're tuning in from welcome this is our to international i'm talking google and i'll have the day's headline news later in the program first though here's a breakdown of today's world cup action from our studio in central moscow. well the graphic gives it away that welfare to a friend the family tax to indite said of the twenty eighth seed and i am most special coverage of football's largest party in the world this is why we love full time paid partridge and i are alexia rushes to actually trying to get my voice back from what i just saw on the screen in the green room i always almost lost my voice what a finish to the final match on saturday germany grabbed a very lightweight and ninety five minutes despite being down to ten men off the boards and drawn boateng was sent off sweden had taken the lead against the rating well champions but it has ended two one to the d.m. on the shelf oh yes wasn't that something else just off to the hop on
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a toy even and recall his way into the box the whole producing a he loved the manuel neuer in the german goal to teach sweden a surprise lead one out of germany came out battling for the second half and equalized early on the forty eighth minute through mark roy's stabbing hold across from two who were inside the area one one but as time appeared to be taking away for jeremy to get away not seriously taking a white fish made it as alexis said of extra time that tiny christ with a free kick to keep germany very much in the tournament with a frankly stunning curling free kick wow unbelievable really i thought after watching the serbia switzerland game yesterday oh yeah it really didn't get as bad as more dramatic than that yet is like when i buy shadow secure despite domination by the serbs but this definitely eclipse it yeah definitely but you know it's going to be the last we really thought that the swedes an on going for a point and then he would go down to that very last day to see whether the
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defending champions they were going to go to be the biggest upset in eighteen years they were waiting to see what would happen between sweden mexico and all the rest of the last day but that's why as they say that. what a freak and also that's why they call it the beautiful game because that was nothing short of beauty it was a fabulous super carol it was going in from the only course you could tell it was going in but imagine ninety fifth minutes you imagine how heartbroken the swedes are and look at yogi love look at the expression we went from the face of a man who looked like everything was collapsing around him to absolute jubilation you look at the bench at the gym and you look at the people in the crowd there is one guy be just completely stunned wasn't he in the swedes are all stunned as well just incredible in sochi. yeah hope that's the last game that germany has in their group against south korea will be easier on them and terms of psychological pressure. this is a big win for them you know the capitulation of the first time against mexico which
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was a surprise i mean they were probably hoping for draw there but if you are reigning world champion and you step into your first game all eyes are on you but there's been quite a few notable exits in going into the first round i mean france have gone out recently have gone out before now and spine too we have seen when defending champions really starts and when it comes to the defense but this time we want to be one of the key germany they have won the confederations cup that was maybe a bit of a surprise and some people are saying well could they do it again with the rise of other teams brazil state even france as well and belgium as we're seeing today too but as i say. you never ever write off the germans that's why is that one of the germans and now let's cross live to andrew fama who is in sochi watch that fantastic game andy hello there again spectacular comeback for germany the obvious question would you like inside the stadium and what yourself or your shaking or not so that go in the five. twenty one should be sitting down right now can stand up
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for much longer it was an amazing game is an englishman i've seen germany always fall into world cup you always get through to the latter stages tonight i really thought they'd get booted out. i didn't see perhaps how did hang on and even when they came back to one one always thinking to myself do you know what that still means i have to beat south korea and this something has to happen persuading against mexico perhaps not get a victory a point there and then right at the death you know what we've seen it so often that a great player tries to go down and doesn't a in the last minute of a match here to see if they can get that chance of a final strike it go watch it go it was and what a celebration to the whole stadium erupted i have to say both sets of fans were fantastic tonight banks of yellow either side one and a massive german fans singing all the way through they were fantastic on balance when i say on balance i think germany did deserve that we should remind you in one thousand nine hundred two in the first world cup i properly remember i think they
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lost their first going there and went all the way to the final of course they did their germany why wouldn't i want to get a horrible feeling they're going to do it again and see a lot of. shots behind you and want to i literally just took it off to wave it behind your back you didn't see that so how are the swedes feeling right now other two are broken or you expecting a big body to start you know on the last. one it's hard to tell i mean if they're thinking i don't know sure they've had time to digest what all this means in the table but i love the hope they've always been smiling all the way through i mean i'm trying to gauge some of their faces i haven't seen enough of them by imagining the not happy they can't be come they've seen it snatched away at the last minute there. has obviously right at the end had ramifications for the group itself in the fact that at that point we were looking at the table and it was going to really different to this now the germans if we can say that first points on the board three points they were looking i we having won which meant effectively their future
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was really out of their control was that they were looking on other results as well but now it's looking decide if you better and of course as we said they've not got a play area who obviously got no points there they're also looking at mexico to beat sweden to ensure that kind of a. the travel on a rainy cycle as it is it stands but that's that's probably the two more likely results that we would have considered looking at those points when he flew there i mean that doesn't look at least the unpredictable oval looking at the games itself themselves i mean that was very close call especially when it comes to the germans but let's talk about the game which was one of the kickoff today at six pm moscow time mexico playing against south korea and they have essentially made themselves favorites to finish top of the group running out to one witness against the agency in the city of rostov on don well the dugout was right given the twenty six minute from the penalty spot mexican thomas converting it to the referee line up for the hand going in the area no need to be a r on this one envelop not going away and then the man who is very well known
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a mexican to try to talk how vietnam does twenty minutes into the second half we see the ball inside the area then got inside one defend beating the goalkeeper then your post of double mexico's lead beautiful to nil but south korea they did grab a consolation and that was done in some style as well so that talisman sunshine main deep into stoppage time we can sort that rasping shot kicking p.t.p. over the goalkeeper but as we say too little too late what it's on absolutely right now mexico france and it's one of the reasons why i would personally want them to progress for others possible in the world cup they're here in the thousands they are some of the most visible beautiful some bros and wrestling masks and traditional outfits and also the loudest at this world cup so we went to find out what it took for some of them to logistically get here to russia.
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thank you. yes we putting it up on the moon all it's doing we're using the funds that is involved in the community finding new ways of justice and was for me something we did miss percentage of people who. just want to work with us but on the one hand you find of the learning you're in the funny. when you don't was unfolding ok i think you can post things to do so much you know even a living you could consume for almost fifteen years since. you don't want to
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speed things on the heels of the film. which experience which i generally do see if you look so you know he's looking for something to believe and we'll see if he will wait for that outfit to. buy the book i'm just. curious to know. and here's a guy who is in that camp that i mean he's here in russia cheering for his team when he's on a train bound for the match in southern russia and we'll be following his adventures throughout the tournament and we show hey on the other mexican sounds french to just supportive it today's result. a group g.'s only guy was belgium against tunisia i was lucky to be at that game and watch belgium qualify for the next round they put five bastar not so helpless the knees are they still
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managed to get two but roll of the cockle and add in has outscored a brace each securing the five to victory for belgium sitting pretty on top of the group with six points to. she wins from two having beaten panama in net best match three now watch chain is here on our knowing on panama to cause an upset as they take on england this sunday and here are the highlights finally a guy in moscow. with. the the with. i think now with i. believe the with i believe
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the be with. you the with. with with i. guess. if it was. awesome very happy belgian found say five to finish and alexei to say you were at that game what did you think my first thought was. you know they were always deciding about belgian stats the golden generation the golden generation but every
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time they come to a big tournament not quite there and also the not quite the belgian public they're not expecting it to ideologically well they were expecting today because they were in full voice but the point about the generation being that maybe this generation has finally come of age. because they're almost immaculate in every line especially the front line the front line is nothing short of a crisis to crisis head and i was out finally hitting the stride at a major international tournament roma look ako i know stan call them all one of the opposite as is a big fan but he was unplayable today if not it was only for his little injury that he picked up was confirmed by the manager about the mightiness i think you could have gone on scored a hat trick easily and better i could've demo as well have done maybe a poker but four of them went different directions including the keeper or the post or you couldn't score for several chances but defensively that's maybe something that takes going to work even though center back pairing off told me all there were old and young that don't get their play for the signing club talking him and actually the next game that belgium plays against england so i caught up
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exclusively with the out of it on get off talking and hotspurs to ask him about what's it like to be playing against his team mate carrick a. yeah it's going to be a special game like i said because we know so many players and they know us and we want to be good to play against them a friend said mistakes and. we don't want to calculate too much result wise so we just go into every game to win and we'll see where it gets when you're playing with eric and now you be playing against harry king do you think it's going to be difficult for you because you know him well you know his name yes there is always difficult that is all we have for day ten of the world cup in russia and water day it has been we had last minute drama amazing goals and emotions running high on and off the pitch yes you can't say any more than that can you i think the highlight of the day for me has to be the way that we ended me and get on the cushion that i know that you've been to the game i know you've had an amazing time in spots like and we incredibly seven goals wow incredible but for me
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to end it with the champions looking like they could almost be on the brink of going out what could be in the next game and upset after eighty years and just. off but go what a way to end in any case we'll be back on sunday with three games having a lot to live up to now day eleven promises to be a real cracker make sure you don't miss any of the action and odyssey got you covered with pundits analysis and all the goals as they fly in good out your. son they will see england take on panama. last week in left it late to take all three points against tunisia rescued by none other than team captain harry kane here's how our tournaments and mentors for united boss just a marine you know rates england's chances in their second game.
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well. the country will be waiting for a. match not for the good reasons but for the bad reasons england has to win and to win is normal but not to be in these catastrophic appealing being with. president clients use case store of value and that will continue in the price reaches equilibrium point one hundred thousand per claim or you will be seeing more used as a medium of exchange at some point that becomes a unit of account as things are priced in bitcoin as money disappears. usually when we have brought about a situation where they have
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a conflict we the three decides to go see the first people to rush into the u.a.e. do they. and as soon as we depart this force is still a job as it budgets. join me every thursday on the elec so i'm i'm sure i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program this saturday marks two years since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. and in london there's been a huge anti breaks at rallies with campaigners saying the move is not a done deal and the people must make their voices heard.
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britain is due to leave the european union in march two thousand and nineteen but the government is still struggling to hammer out an agreement with the block the ruling conservative party lacks consensus on a number of key issues including over postbox at customs arrangements with the e.u. as a result of the uncertainty a number of big businesses are warning they could pull out of the u.k. it's also been predicted that this year the country will see its weakest annual economic growth since two thousand and nine. now there was also a progress at rally in london earlier with thousands reportedly gathering to demand a speedy exit from the bloc we spoke to the u.k.
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independence party leader. who was at the demonstration he says he didn't receive much media coverage and the progress that sentiment has been all but ignored. by just come from a march in a rally of progress march in a valley which was held outside the b.b.c. and sky and i t.v. studios at millbank but funnily enough nobody came out to means of use or film as far as i know they're not given much publicized see to the other side of the argument the argument says we had the referendum we reached a decision and now we should have left and we certainly should be leaving as soon as possible but if mrs may doesn't really want to leave she's a reminder she leads a government and a majority of the house of commons who don't want to leave and they haven't really done very much for two years they've gone about it in completely the wrong way instead of keep asking the european union how we can leave they should be telling them the european union how it's going to work there's no such thing as a hard or is a soft there is leaving the european union and if you want to know what that looks
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like well you've got to do is to look at every other country in the world there isn't a member of the european union it's not complicated they're trying to make it as complicated as possible meanwhile protesters in belfast also took to the streets for a rally favoring smoke bombs were thrown during the demonstration as you can see the police report making no arrests. the white house has taken a swipe at the media for taking an image out of context and using it to attack the trumpet ministrations hard line immigration policy and us and explains the misuse of photos to push an agenda appears to be on the rise. they say that a picture is worth a thousand words powerful images hit you in the gut and they pluck our heartstrings but they can also be deceiving take a look at this cover of time magazine the little girl in this photo has become symbolic of the trumpet ministrations policy of separating undocumented children from their parents here's the original photo and here's how the photo has been used
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in mainstream media i could sit here all day and tell you about president trump's new zero tolerance integration policy or i could just show you a single picture this one no one image has come to define the policy more than this one it shows a two year old hunter and applying as her mother is patted down. as it happens the girl in the image was actually not separated from her mother unlike lots of other children her father in honduras has confirmed that you can imagine how i felt when i saw that photo of my daughter it broke my heart it's difficult as a father to see that but i now know that they are not in danger they are safer now than when they were making the journey to the border so cue the clarifications retractions an update from outlets like the washington post that ran with the this little girl was taken away from her parents story the father of the little girl
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told the washington post that the child and mother were not separated us and honduran officials have confirmed the father's account to other news organizations actually both sides of american politics are guilty of doing this they find a very powerful image and they run with it no matter where it came from to take the right wing blog drudge report they're generally supportive of trump immigration policies they found this photo and said that it was immigrants crossing the u.s. border actually this photo is from syria take this photo of a child in a cage posted by a journalist to raise awareness about the plight of migrant children even though he admitted. he didn't know where the photo came from still trying to find a source for this photo soit on the facebook friends timeline but looking for confirmation has anyone seen it elsewhere well it's not hard to establish that the child was participating in a protest it's a mock age now there's one photo that circulating around that actually does show a child that is actually in
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a cage john five or obama's speech writer tweeted it out with the words this is happening now well actually the photos from twenty fourteen and it was happening then with obama presiding over it now children were actually being separated from their parents and the outrage was in response to a very real policy from the trumpet ministration but it's important to take a deep breath learn all the facts and not let every sensational heart wrenching image be taken at face value he looked up and marty new york legal and media analyst lionel told us these latest cases illustrate just how fort far journalistic standards have fallen when you have organizations news organizations that don't merely. obfuscate the facts or exaggerate or do anything to give the wrong impression or are biased but they love. when they show pictures that are five years old or pictures that aren't
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what they appear to be or pictures of children who are not on the company that's called la e that's a distortion it's not well it's truly fake nudes. the b.b.c. is comedy commissioner has had a run in with some of the broadcasters legendary performers after saying that the days of sketches dominated by white male and elite educated comedians are now over suggesting that some news hits like monday python wouldn't make it to the screen in today's britain the b.b.c. has unveiled a string of new shows fronted by female and ethnic minority comedians if you're going to assemble a team now it's not going to be six books bridge want blokes it's going to be a diverse range of people who reflect the modern world it's about how regional the voice you have rather than what school you went. in the late sixty's and seventy's
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monty python attracted as many as ten million british viewers per show known for their surreal humor their movies were even beyond in several countries they've been called the beatles of comedy and their influence reverberates even today. but you want i want to come in and steal a few things might. get you an encyclopedia salesman i might have my blog we will let you win you know some of the encyclopedias are going my modest want to come in rhyme second if i almost know you probably should know in short if it is not a. python star john cleese hit back at the b.b.c. as only john cleese could. b.b.c.'s head of comedy puts monty python's lack of a regional o.t. down to a surfeit of education and race is bias unfair we are remarkably diverse for our time we had three grammar school boys one of put and gilliam though not actually black was a yank and no slave owners we asked people wonder if they thought monte python had
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a place and today it's world. younger generation who grew up in a completely different saw him looking back and judging all comedy but today's standards if you can really do that it's such classic t.v. the likes of you. folks how was you've got all those classics that we've had in the eighty's of the seventy's they want to keep going because they are timeless pieces of work if you go back and listen so i think it's i mean even though i would find some of it shocking it's you know we're losing this it is really a cheap shot given that we still have i guess it's about. private a fine balance between you know what's funny and what could potentially offend someone that's a roundup of today's top headlines and saturday's world cup highlights and that's all for me as well but my colleague sean thomas will bring you your old global update next hour as always thanks for tuning and.
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you have a phone no i don't have what was the last time that you went on the internet no i am not used to these village is it safe because. are you sure there is no actual researchers there that are all going to be should be the baby does a class of his has been. going on which we were doing and we thought. is dead as part of that was a given piece. that was worked i was.
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previously. yes and no they are being formed in a very useful member of this. if you like. them to maximize their financial survival guide. to your pension account. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain. watched as a report. hundred
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active in the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents. as we are told to never take our eyes off donald trump whether you're for him against him apathetic whatever the the message is clear do not talk about anything other than trump as we all run around these days like chickens with our heads cut off for americans with our meds cut off. while the lizard brain pandemonium continues as i've been stead like to remind you that this is a wonderful time for a corporate corruption and control it's a goddamn dance around the baseball for the massive corporations that really run things like a robber who pulls the fire alarm to distract everyone they are more than happy that you've got your eyes glued to trump let's take
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a moment to focus on just one of these corporations nestle one of the largest food of water exploiters on the planet we learned something this week about the ongoing lawsuit against them by six citizens from ali who were once in slaved on african cocoa farms and first filed against the food giants in two thousand and five the complaint asserts claims of forced labor torture a cruel and inhumane treatment and unjust enrichment against nestle and cargill slavery why i said it's outrageous tax ridiculous fence what now say admit it to a couple of years ago in. the enslaved fisherman that nestle subsidiaries you said sometimes the net is too heavy and the workers get pulled into the water and just disappear. nestle uses slave labor slave laborers that sometimes disappear you don't see that on the commercial.


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